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Ranch Apt For Rent 7 miles west of Topeka, Near Dover

00M0M_gflY2nFSypq_600x450We currently have one of our beautiful apartments for rent. Enjoy the benefits of ranch living without any of the work for only $660 per month.  If you want to get out of the busy city but still have easy access to Topeka, this might be the perfect place for you.

Enjoy views over walnut-oak grove, large pond, wildlife area: bobcats, red foxes, bald eagles, barred owls, pileated woodpeckers make for great nature watching. Hike nature trails across tallgrass prairie, through the woods, down to Mission Creek or the Pond. Swim, fish, hike or paddle after work.
Stable, corral and/or pasture available for additional boarding fee.

00909_agNQ6tUx53I_600x450Private ranch apartment offers:
- modern, 1-bedroom apartment
- indoor parking
- modern appliances
- sky lights in kitchen, bedroom and living room
- large kitchen with big eating area
- laundry facilities in apartment
- light and airy living room with high ceiling and ceiling fan
00d0d_6M6INmY8PzU_600x450- alcoves under skylights in living room and bedroom make great nooks for reading/studying/work.
- second story apartment with private entrance
- indoor parking
- easy access to I-70 and K-4 Highway for easy commutes.
- Private nature trails on creek and prairie
- Private pond for swiming, fishing and paddling
- 800 + square feet
- No pets allowed
- No smoking allowed

00z0z_6Gv0XEBCBKK_600x450Horse pasture available to rent. Enjoy biking on scenic K-4, stop at Dover’s Somerset Cafe for the best homemade pie made in America. Unique housing for the individual looking for a cozy home surrounded by nature. No pets allowed.


Available June 1st

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To schedule a viewing or for more info, call Mike at 785-770-5107.

Burning Farm Land For Better Grazing

jonny and atvIf you happened to be driving through KS at this time of year you would think the world was on fire. Many farmers and ranchers were burning their lands intentionally, in order to help their lands become more nutritious for grazing cattle, among other benefits.

steve with gas pipeCrooked Post Ranch was among those that took to the fields with ATVs and gas pipe in order to burn unwanted grass and help beneficial grass get a start. Mike and Johnny took the ATVs out onto McComb Pasture to help cattle grazer Steve burn the one-mile-square plot of land. Loaded in the ATVS were 800 lb capacity water jugs with automatic pumps, just in case the fires got out of hand.

To start the fires, Steve attached a gas-filled pipe to the back of his ATV, and rode around the farm land, allowing the grass to catch on fire as it came in contact with the lit pipe.

start of the fireThe fire department had been altered that Crooked Post Ranch was planning on burning a full segment of land, one square mile, which is pretty large. The Ranch had to also have a burning permit to do this type of burning.

Many cars drove buy as the evening progressed and the fire grew bigger. The smoke could be seen from miles around.

mike at fireThere are many farm houses that flank the McComb land that was burning. To a new comer it looked like one house on the north side might be in danger of burning down. But it was only looks, as the owners are used to these types of burns and know that all is under control. The fires are very small, most are small enough to step over. And the farm houses are protected by moist lawns and dirt play area. Rarely has a farm house been in danger of these types of burns.

fire by house johnny photoThis is the first time in 3 years that Crooked Post Ranch has been able to do burning. The two previous years were too drought-stricken to be safe for fire burning.


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